IVEX provides a safety assessment of
your planning and decision making,
for all levels of automated vehicles.


We're on a mission to make autonomous driving guaranteed safe.
Better safe than sorry!

Safety Assessment


The cloud-based tool assesses the safety of driven or simulated scenarios, and reports on risk & safety KPIs and safety violations.



Safety Focus

AD/ADAS planning and decision making algorithms optimize for comfort, drivability, context, traffic rules, and safety. IVEX focuses on and assesses the boundaries of safety of your algorithms.

Well-defined, mathematical safety model

IVEX’ safety model is based on advanced physics and prediction models, and accounts for context information.

Formal methods and explainable AI

The assessment rules that implement the safety model are guaranteed correct (based on IVEX’ proprietary rules generator), deterministic and based on explainable AI.


"I have been working with Mario Cruz Torres and the IVEX team for a bit more than a year. The project with IVEX involved the full construction of safety rules for car motion control and their materialization through both offline checks using the Safety Assessment Tool as well as online (embedded), understanding the realtime performance and embeddability of the checker code on a typical ECU HW platform. Through this project, I had the occasion to analyze and verify a large set of the IVEX technology capabilities.

Very simply said, this was a real amazing experience to work with the IVEX team and technology. The IVEX team in clearly built of experts in their domain and that deliver excellent quality tools. Through the usage of those and the process we constructed with IVEX to materialize the safety rules, not only this led to a successful implementation, with impressive realtime performance for the checker, but it also allowed to ask the right questions regarding the rules themselves and to improve them as we where progressing.

The overall methodology that was, hence, created can now be used as a reference for the offline/online checking of functional designs at Renault with regards to full motion safety quality analysis, using any road captures. And this, by itself, has a huge value for Renault and the Alliance to secure ADAS systems developments beyond the usual validation approaches. It is always inspiring when such a project leads to a major leap forward in methodology. And we could achieve that thanks to IVEX technology."

Jean-Pierre Giacalone, ADAS/AD Systems SW Architecture – Expert, Groupe Renault, Renault SW Labs.


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