Software Engineer, Front-end, Data Infrastructure (Virtualization Pipeline)

IVEX is working hard to make sure autonomous vehicles are safe. As part of that, we rely on a virtualization pipeline that receives information from simulation models and real data captured by autonomous vehicles to perform a safety analysis on the driving data. The virtualization pipeline works with massive amounts of critical data and is used both internally at IVEX and also by its clients.

In this job you will contribute to project as:

  • Building data labeling tools with optimized UI/UX to enable IVEX engineers to identify and analyse critical traffic situations
  • Visualizing the massive amount of driving situations creating insights into the driving datasets from IVEX
  • Building tools that are used by IVEX clients to better understand their own driving datasets and the output of IVEX analysis tools
  • Automating the virtualization pipeline tasks so that it can automatically acquire new driving scenarios from simulation, real car data, etc. in multiple formats

IVEX is 2 years old and already works with major automotive companies in the world. We want you to join us and be part of our mission.

At a minimum we’d like you to have:

  • A BS or MS in Computer Science, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
  • Experience with modern web stack (e.g. Python, Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Product engineering experience in building full-stack web apps
  • English for reading

It’s preferred if you have:

  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with building scalable systems that process huge amounts of data
  • Experience with three.js, or building 3D user interfaces using other frameworks
  • Experience with data analysis and exploration tools

Send us your CV and surprise us with your motivation.

About us

We founded IVEX to solve a crucial piece of the intelligent & autonomous vehicles puzzle. We make them safe.


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