IVEX’ Safety Co-Pilot

Automated cars can drive, but… are they safe?


  • How can you guarantee safety of a planned trajectory?
  • How can you assess the safety & risk of a planned trajectory?

Solution - Safety co-pilot

IVEX’ safety co-pilot checks the planning & decision making - at run-time - against

The safety co-pilot uses the safety model to assess whether (1) a situation is safe, and (2) a planned trajectory for the next few seconds can be considered as safe, accounting for predicted movements of other objects and road users.

If a scenario or a planned trajectory is unsafe, the safety co-pilot returns the time to safety violation, the rule that would be violated, and how hard the car would need to brake to return to a safe state.

Adjust your AD decisions while driving to stay in a safe state.

Quantify and understand the risk of planned trajectories, before execution.

IVEX can easily add client dependent custom made constraints to the model.

Have a certifiable third-party run-time safety assessment.