IVEX’ Safety Assessment Tool

How can you qualitatively assess the safety of driven & simulated scenarios during development?


  • How do you assess the quality of your AD behavior during simulation or real road tests?
  • How do you decide if a planned trajectory is safe or not?
  • How do you validate the trajectories generated by your AD system?
  • Which KPIs can be used to assess safety?
  • How do you make sure that the KPIs are representing the desired safety goals?

Solution - Safety Assessment Tool

The safety assessment tool, used during development, provides a set of well-defined KPIs on the safety of the trajectories, generated by your AD stack.

The KPIs are computed by comparing states or planned trajectories against

The safety assessment tool is a cloud-based tool (which can run in a private-cloud as well) and provides an API for seamless integration in your development environment.

Rapidly spot unsafe situations and decisions in a large amount of scenarios.

Obtain a qualitative metric of the safety of your AD stack, to measure the improvement of the development.

Use statistical analysis of risk and safety metrics as benchmarks for making your behavior more aggressive while keeping it safe.

Get a third party assessment of the behavior of your AD stack.