IVEX was born in November 2017 with the vision to reduce traffic victims to zero by 2030. We started IVEX after several years of research on safe and autonomous vehicles, conducted at the KULeuven University. Today, we are an international team working on extremely challenging and interesting technical problems that have a huge societal impact. Our unique IP and team experience in behavior planning, functional safety and vehicle engineering enables the development of safe autonomous vehicles. With still a bunch of challenges ahead, we are passionate about using our skills to save lives.

Founded on Experience

  • Mario Torres, PhD

    Mario Torres, PhD


    PhD Computer Science. Software Engineering for autonomous vehicles, systems engineering, distributed systems, cloud computing.

  • Quentin de Clercq

    Quentin de Clercq


    Master in vehicle Engineering. Electro-mechanical engineering, collision avoidance algorithms, serial entrepreneur.

  • Prof. Tom Holvoet

    Prof. Tom Holvoet


    Professor at KU Leuven PhD computer Science Software for autonomous system behavior, coordination in decentralized software systems, collaborative / multi-agent planning.

Advised by Leaders

  • Kurt Daniel

    Kurt Daniel

    Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, CEO at Ubersmith.

  • Sari Depreeuw

    Sari Depreeuw

    PhD from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, partner heading the IP/IT team at DALDEWOLF, external legal counsel.

  • Dr. Walter Buga

    Dr. Walter Buga

    Serial entrepreneur, co-founded Proximetry inc and Arynga, CTO of NetStream, Senior manager at Bel Labs of AT&T and Lucent Tech.

Board Observers

  • Dimitri Liquet

    Dimitri Liquet

  • Isabelle Tennstedt

    Isabelle Tennstedt

  • Nicolas Biet

    Nicolas Biet

  • Stephane Ryelandt

    Stephane Ryelandt